Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Christmas Pictures, 2006

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Monday, December 04, 2006

Could this be Heaven?

Conversation on the way to preschool this morning.

Peyton, our neighbor, age 4, and Makenzie, our daughter, also age four discussing the death of Peyton's grandmother's dog.

Peyton: My grandma's dog died. She jumped out of the kennel and she's gone.

Kenzie: What's a kennel? (We obviously don't have a dog)

Peyton: It's like a crib for dogs. My dad said he was going to get Tanner a kennel. (Tanner is Peyton's 10 year old brother)

Kenzie: Did her dog go to heaven?

Peyton: No, Dallas.

Kenzie: My Aunt Laurie lives in Dallas. She's not dead.

Peyton: Dogs go to Dallas. People go to heaven.

Kenzie: Oh...Yeah...

Mommy: Oh... no...Laughing silently and driving at the same time all the while trying not to wet her pants and thinking, Thank God I'm not a dog!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

C. Zachary Clinton, 3 Months Old


It is hard for us to believe that Zach is three months old. He is a precious gift, one that we will forever treasure. We chose Zachary's name because it means "the Lord remembered". Thank you, Lord, for remembering, and for giving us this child. Posted by Picasa

Happy Halloween 2006

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Fall Family Fun

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


When there are four little bodies under the age of eight in one car, someone is always talking! Makenzie, four, is usually talking the loudest. She is quite a girl. So the other day we are in the car and she asks "Do boogers grow?" I'm thinking to myself, don't answer this, but of course, I start into an entire dialogue to the contrary. "What made you think of that", I asked her. To which she replied, "My knuckerholes have grown. See." Looking in the mirror, I see her precious face with a finger in each nostril, otherwise known as "Knuckerholes". So, when your kid starts any conversation with the word booger. It's in mho that you just ignore her and keep driving, both hands on the wheel, and out of your knuckerholes.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Off to School

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More Family Pictures

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The Family

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A day in the life....

I would love to tell you that things have been relaxing, slow, full of nothing since school let out, but I'd be lying. It has been wonderful to sleep until 7:30 and 8:00 and great for the kids to be up later with Daddy. We've watched Makenzie learn to "swim" and Morgan and Mikaela have had more sleepovers and play dates than I can count. We are using the pool a lot, at VBS on Wednesdays, other church activities on Tues., neighborhood play group on Wed., and a pool play group on Thurs. I've got to rest a little before this baby gets here and I think I'll start today. Makenzie has a summer sinus infection, so water day at the church is not for us this morning. I think instead we're off to look at hamsters and run a few other errands.

We had a great Fathers Day weekend with Kevin's parents and sister and nephew as well as my parents and sister. We celebrated Garon, Charles, and Kevin's special day with great gifts and great Mexican food. Us "girls" spent the day on Saturday at a great baby shower thrown by my sweet neighborhood friends and then capped it all off with a shopping trip. It has been nice to be home on the weekends since we are not traveling at this point in my pregnancy.

Speaking of baby, he and I are doing great. We are scheduled for a c-section on July 24. Hopefully he'll stay put that long. Some days I wonder. I never went into labor with the girls which is why they sectioned me in the first place, but I think this kiddo may have a different plan. We go a week from tomorrow to be "checked" and see how everything is staying put or not. I've stopped walking because of the constant braxton-hicks and I feel much better. I'm also resting more and sitting down often amidst a constant household of activity. Kevin is doing everything he can to help and we are enjoying our time together in the evening "working" and playing cards when we're through. We are definitely an old, boring, very content and happy married couple. We can not wait until this new baby joins our family.

Our lives are pretty uneventful, not very exciting, and we pretty much like it that way. I'm going to enjoy the next three weeks with the kids and Kevin, our friends, and this baby that wiggles around inside me. This will be the last time to carry a child and I want it to be something that stays with me a long time. I can not wait to meet him and hold him in my arms, but there is something very comforting and wonderful about holding him within. I know he's safe, protected, and very happy. May he always be.

Have a good one.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It's Time

It's times like this that I don't miss teaching. I still feel the "crunch time" of the end of the year even though everything I do is volunteer work. It's time to wrap up all three committees for PTA and turn in my binders. It's time to give up my job as secretary on the Comal PTA Council. Three more binders to edit and pass on. It's time to finish planning the end of the year party as room mom for first grader, Morgan. Thank God for a great group of room mothers that work together. It's time to finish the last week of preschool, including teacher appreciation week, and a luncheon on Thursday. It's time to plan for next year's school carnival, oh my. It's also time to run all the errands I need to complete before all three kids are out of school and number four arrives. Doctors, dentists, car repairs, etc. It's time to pack for my parents house. R and R over Memorial Day Weekend. It's time to make dinner for a friend who had surgery on Monday. It's time to clean the rest of the house that didn't get done on Monday. It's time to finish planning summer schedules and baby happenings. It's time to plan two birthday parties, one in June, one in August. It's time to say goodbye to friends who are moving. It's time to welcome a new Clinton to the family. It's time to be thankful for everything I've mentioned. In the midst of all these chores and activities is great blessing. There are many other things, not on this list, that run around in my head constantly until they're complete. I think it's time for me to be still... and know... that He is God. Take some time.