Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Fall...Into Winter

Good morning. It's another beautiful day in sunny San Antonio. Cool nights, warm days, afternoons spent outside with friends, evenings with Daddy, pumpkins, flowers, costumes, field trips, parties, the beginning of what we like to call the season of Candy.

Our family, like many, loves fall.

Corn field mazes, pumpkin patches, spiced tea, college football, carnivals, family gatherings, and all the things mentioned before. We slow down a little, snuggle more, enjoy our family and friends, celebrate birthdays, and rest in the shadows of hope, love, joy, peace, healing, forgiveness, freedom, and faith.

For Kevin and myself, we're like squirrels storing up nuts for winter. We gather the things we need to survive because as soon as fall winds down, winter begins, and with it some of the hardest months we endure. It takes everything we have stored physically, emotionally, and spiritually to get through the months of December and January.

I don't think there's one time of the year better than another to bury a child. I'm sure that no matter the season, we would grieve and wonder how to juggle a time of celebration with a time of mourning. We look forward to a time when the pendulum swings and we celebrate more than we mourn.

God has been so good to us. When Makenzie was born in 2002 and we celebrated our first Christmas with this new baby after losing Luke in 2000, much joy was restored. In the faces of our three children, especially baby Kenzie, we could see how deeply the Father loved us. He does bear our griefs and we will survive our "winter" by looking every day for "spring".

So, all that said, stop to thank God for the blessings of fall and even winter. Let's look forward to the many ways God uses us in every season.

OK... Funny Story from our house this afternoon.
Mikaela, where are you going to college? ACU
Morgan, where are you going to college? ACU
Makenzie, where are you going to college? HEB

For those of you who don't know, HEB is our neighborhood grocery store. Hum... Go Cats, or Go Groceries! You decide.


Monday, October 17, 2005

It's Been a While

Well, much has happened since my last post. Seaweed, the fish, is still alive and swimming, which is almost more than I can say for myself. Let's just say, I've felt better.

The first time I went to the Doctor was August 19. Let me list my calamities since that first visit, not in alphabetical order... bladder infection, bronchitis, mononucleosis, and some nasty parasite otherwise known as Giardia. So, here I am two months later, and for the first time in weeks I can honestly say, I feel great. The couch is no longer my best friend and the kitchen is no longer my enemy. I know my mother is reading this thinking "slow down, don't overdue it" and don't worry mom, I won't. It's just liberating to know that I can do it, if I need to. Our neighbors, our church, and our family have been amazing during the last many weeks. Preparing meals, caring for three crazy kids, cleaning my house, carpooling to school, etc. etc. etc. Thank you!!

Things with my parents are better. They are back home after hurricane Rita and are so fortunate in spite of such a messy storm. We continue to wait with great faith in God's healing that my dad's brain tumor will be easily removed. He is scheduled for surgery Oct. 28.

May the Lord bless you and keep you wherever you are.