Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A day in the life....

I would love to tell you that things have been relaxing, slow, full of nothing since school let out, but I'd be lying. It has been wonderful to sleep until 7:30 and 8:00 and great for the kids to be up later with Daddy. We've watched Makenzie learn to "swim" and Morgan and Mikaela have had more sleepovers and play dates than I can count. We are using the pool a lot, at VBS on Wednesdays, other church activities on Tues., neighborhood play group on Wed., and a pool play group on Thurs. I've got to rest a little before this baby gets here and I think I'll start today. Makenzie has a summer sinus infection, so water day at the church is not for us this morning. I think instead we're off to look at hamsters and run a few other errands.

We had a great Fathers Day weekend with Kevin's parents and sister and nephew as well as my parents and sister. We celebrated Garon, Charles, and Kevin's special day with great gifts and great Mexican food. Us "girls" spent the day on Saturday at a great baby shower thrown by my sweet neighborhood friends and then capped it all off with a shopping trip. It has been nice to be home on the weekends since we are not traveling at this point in my pregnancy.

Speaking of baby, he and I are doing great. We are scheduled for a c-section on July 24. Hopefully he'll stay put that long. Some days I wonder. I never went into labor with the girls which is why they sectioned me in the first place, but I think this kiddo may have a different plan. We go a week from tomorrow to be "checked" and see how everything is staying put or not. I've stopped walking because of the constant braxton-hicks and I feel much better. I'm also resting more and sitting down often amidst a constant household of activity. Kevin is doing everything he can to help and we are enjoying our time together in the evening "working" and playing cards when we're through. We are definitely an old, boring, very content and happy married couple. We can not wait until this new baby joins our family.

Our lives are pretty uneventful, not very exciting, and we pretty much like it that way. I'm going to enjoy the next three weeks with the kids and Kevin, our friends, and this baby that wiggles around inside me. This will be the last time to carry a child and I want it to be something that stays with me a long time. I can not wait to meet him and hold him in my arms, but there is something very comforting and wonderful about holding him within. I know he's safe, protected, and very happy. May he always be.

Have a good one.


Blogger Roxanne said...

THinking of you as you await the arrival of your little boy. . .glad you are resting when you need to and when you can.


8:52 PM  
Anonymous Ed said...

On a lark I linked to your blog. How many "becky c's" can there be? Thought I would take a chance and see if it was you! I hope we can see baby Zachary soon. You guys are so special to us. Love ya. - Ed in Abilene

9:48 AM  

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