Monday, February 27, 2006

Taking A Break

I don't think now is the best time for me to try to keep up with blogging. So much is going on right now, some wonderful things, and some that break my heart.

First of all, on a happy note, our pregnancy is going great. After a little scare, and much looking at baby Clinton, we have determined that our sweet baby is just fine. Praise the Lord. We will go back and take another look on March 20, but feel in our hearts that the Lord will continue to knit this child in His image and deliver this sweet baby to us in July. We eagerly anticipate the arrival of our SON and ask for your prayers during the next four and a half months.

The same day we found out our boy was doing well, we lost another precious boy, our nephew Adam, who died tragically in a car accident. After several days in San Diego with my brother and all of our family, I am back home, and brought with me memories of a very unique and wonderful celebration of Adam that I will cling to always.

At the same time all of this has been happening, Kevin is enroute to a school in Biloxi, MS. until Good Friday, April 14. We miss him, but at the same time are so proud of his contributions as an officer in the Air Force. He is a good man and I am so blessed to be his wife.

With all this said, I just can't do this right now. I will be back, but only from time to time. My heart is heavy and I need to give everything I have to be a good mother to our girls and take care of this sweet boy I carry with me. God has done more than I can ask or imagine, but at the same time this world continues to demonstrate loudly that my/our treasures are elsewhere.

Pray for David and Marney, Cas, Matt, and Maggie.
Pray for Joe and Laura, Sophia and Ira.
Pray for families everywhere who need the Lord to answer their prayers.

Until next time,
God bless you.