Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It's Time

It's times like this that I don't miss teaching. I still feel the "crunch time" of the end of the year even though everything I do is volunteer work. It's time to wrap up all three committees for PTA and turn in my binders. It's time to give up my job as secretary on the Comal PTA Council. Three more binders to edit and pass on. It's time to finish planning the end of the year party as room mom for first grader, Morgan. Thank God for a great group of room mothers that work together. It's time to finish the last week of preschool, including teacher appreciation week, and a luncheon on Thursday. It's time to plan for next year's school carnival, oh my. It's also time to run all the errands I need to complete before all three kids are out of school and number four arrives. Doctors, dentists, car repairs, etc. It's time to pack for my parents house. R and R over Memorial Day Weekend. It's time to make dinner for a friend who had surgery on Monday. It's time to clean the rest of the house that didn't get done on Monday. It's time to finish planning summer schedules and baby happenings. It's time to plan two birthday parties, one in June, one in August. It's time to say goodbye to friends who are moving. It's time to welcome a new Clinton to the family. It's time to be thankful for everything I've mentioned. In the midst of all these chores and activities is great blessing. There are many other things, not on this list, that run around in my head constantly until they're complete. I think it's time for me to be still... and know... that He is God. Take some time.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Baby Clinton

It is hard to imagine as I write this that in two months our little guy will be here. He will make his debut on either July 17 or July 24 unless he decides to come sometime inbetween. We went yesterday for our last ultrasound unless something changes between now and delivery. If we could ask down to the most minute detail for perfect, our request has been met. We have had some ups and downs along the way of this baby, but I believe that the downs have been so that God could reveal many ups. We've seen and checked on this child more than any other and every bit of time spent with him has been well worth it.

Our little one still doesn't have a name. I know that he will eventually, but I'm ready now. Again, though, I believe his name will hold much significance and that God will show it to us at just the right time.

Our guy, according to the ultrasound measurements, currently weighs about 3 1/2 lbs. His feet... huge! Let's just say I don't think he'll start in a zero or even a one shoe size. We have a picture of him flexing his arm muscle and one of his cute little face. He's quite smooshed mind you, but looks like a Clinton none the less.

So, for now, we wait for Jr., Brother, Connor, Bubba, and any other name of the moment the sisters have inflicted upon him. We look forward to welcoming him into our hearts and our home.